DTS Solutions (UK) Ltd are proud to be a channel partner for Hytera Communications Corporation Limited. Founded in 1993, Hytera have produced affordable, robust and reliable equipment that has lead them to being a global leader of professional radio communications. It is through their continuous success that they have been able to develop their already tried and tested technologies into what they can now offer, feature rich DMR two-way radio equipment.

Our partnership with Hytera has gone from strength to strength and we are now better placed than ever to offer our clients complete solutions for a variety of industry variants. Hytera portable radios are scientifically designed to be compact and robust, with durability in mind. Due to most of the Hytera range having high IP ratings and being splash/ waterproof they are perfectly suited to many industries that could result the radio in having water regression. Successful features such as noise cancellation and superior audio have made our customers that work in noisy environments extremely pleased that they can carry out their daily duties safetly without having to worry. Aside from two-way radios, Hytera's range extends to mobiles and repeaters. To complete the range, Hytera offer an extensive catalog of software that works a long side your Hytera two-way radio equipment for enhanced dispatching and deployment from a central control centre. This software is popular for use in the transport, industrial and retail sectors.