Hytera PD415

A small, sleek and light design with double channel capacity and with embedded RFDI functionality. The dual mode (Analogue & Digital) ensures a smooth migration from analogue to digital. 

With its ease of operation, mixed channel capacity, affordability and embedded RFID reader the PD415 is sure to be a valued tool in your working environment. 

Integrated RFID reader

Integrated RFID reader (PD415) the optional Hytera RFID tags and checkpoints, transmitting this information back to the Hytera Patrol software by radio signal. The ideal solution for security and patrol requirements.

Hytera PD415 Patrol System 

Hytera Patrol System is a tour guard solution to provide real-time tracking management. It comprises of Patrol Radios, Receiving Stations, Patrol Checkpoints and Patrol Software. 

It allows an operator to monitor the real-time tour guard because the patrol data is sent to the receiving station connected to a PC (Patrol Software). 

This system also supports some features including one-touch alarm on the radio, patrol data resend, patrol plan settings , data query, data back-up etc. 

Ideal for Banks, Residences, Hotels, Warehouses, basically any Security Patrol. 


  • RFID Reader
  • Private Call
  • Group Call
  • All Call
  • Small, Sleek and Light
  • IP54 & MIL-STD C/D/E/F/G Standards
  • Pre-Programmed Text Message
  • One touch call/text
  • Dual Mode – Both Digital & Analogue
  • VOX
  • Automatic Digital & Analogue detection
  • Further Development Port

Hytera RD625

Compact and light indoor repeater RD625 is a new addition to Hytera's migration products. The innovative design allows easy wall-mount installation with AC DC power. RD625 is a dual, analogue/digital repeater with embedded mini duplexer and power supply. Analogue/digital back to back interconnect facilitates easy communication between analogue and digital users while telephone interconnect feature supports communication between radio and telephone users. With the IP port built in, RD625 is suitable for a multi-site coverage, both indoor and outdoor.

Hytera RD965

RD965 is Hytera's first digital/analogue portable repeater that is compatible with the DMR standard. Compact and embedded with a mini duplexer, the device is wieldy. Equipped with a wide selection of components, RD965 easily fits into various application scenarios, whether on your back and a wall or in your suitcase and a cabinet. It supports a range of power supply plans to guarantee uninterrupted communications during emergencies; its API and 100 Mbps network port combine to support an extended array of applications; the device provides IP67 protection, making it reliable in any hostile operating environment. 

Hytera RD985

This repeater supports digital and analogue modes. It can smartly select the right one based on the type of received signal, allowing you to enjoy digital delights with ease. The advanced 128-bit encryption technology can secure your communication from being eavesdropped. The innovative LED and the 2inch HD colour display would deliver you the repeater status clearly, as well as a pleasing visual experience.  With the management software, you can remotely monitor and diagnose a repeater. In addition, you can either record or play back the audio freely in digital mode.

Hytera RD985S

The Hytera RD985S is an impressive digital systems repeater. Supporting conventional analogue and digital modes, it can also be used in DMR trunked radio systems (Tier III), and with up to 50W power is responsible for delivering excellent coverage in DMR simulcast and Hytera XPT systems. The RD985S repeater supports not only conventional analogue and digital modes, but also other modes that can be unlocked with a chargeable licence. It can be upgraded into a base station for DMR simulcast, DMR trunked radio (Tier III) or Hytera XPT radio systems. This means that the RD985S is a secure investment for growing radio projects

RFID Reader

In-built in to the front of the PD415 radio to read RFID tags and checkpoints, the reader stores and transmits information to the Hytera Patrol System application.

Stun / Unstun

You can disable/enable the radio remotely, ideal if a device is lost, stolen or being misused.

Mixed Mode Operation

This feature allows the radio to automatically detect and switch between analogue and digital modes based on the signal received.

Radio Check

Allows other radio users to check if a radio is available.


Radio Register Service, allowing a dispatching application to see when a radio is switched on or switched off.

Emergency Mode

Raise an alarm with top priority to a base station or to other radios with the pre-programmed emergency mode, identifying the ID of the person issuing the alarm.


This feature allows the radio to switch between sites on multi-site conventional systems, ensuring seamless communication.

Quick Text Messaging

Pre-programmed via the Customer Programming Software and stored in the quick text menu ready to send to contacts.

Hytera PD4 Series Brochure

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