Hytera Systems

Hytera's DMR Systems help you connect to more people than ever before. Combining our state-of-the-art radios with the latest hardware and applications, our DMR systems improve coverage, increase capacity and match your current and future professional communication requirements. 

Connecting and managing a large number of users with voice and data has never been easier. Whether you are expanding a multi-site enterprise looking to improve connectivity and reliability, or a major operator requiring increased capacity and control, Hytera offers a modular DMR system that matches your full requirements. Navigate through the various systems and software offerings across both DMR and TETRA technology to learn more about how we could help improve your communications, or speak with one of our Hytera Partners to specify your ideal solution.

Hytera Applications 

Hytera's DMR Applications ensure our users optimise their radio subscribers with intelligent and intuitive software. Our smart solutions help organisations monitor, manage and communicate quickly and efficiently with radio users to improve safety and response times. 

Your communications network can be tailored around you with the right Hytera application, offering enhanced functionality such as GPS tracking and call recording functionality, all built in to the same application if required, so you can optimise the control centre in the way that best suits for your organisation. Take a look through the various applications to find the functionality that best suits your requirements, from a voice recorder or patrol system, to a comprehensive cross-network dispatcher, Hytera have the solution for you. Be sure to speak with a Hytera Partner about your specific requirements to work through a tailored system that offers excellent value for money.

DMR Systems

DMR Applications